Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vishaka Hari

Divinity Filled n Beautiful idol are the adjectives which i fetch to sketch the well known eminent personality Smt.Vishaka Hari.The lucky wife of Sri.Hari n daughter in law of Sri Sri Anna also famous by name Sri Krishna Premi.
wow!wat looks she posses wat rendition she presents just aboards us to the heavenly journey n grants the divine blessings jus by listening to her Godly talks.The famous personality not only gifted with the ability to drive us to heaven but also has good educational background.She is CA man.Oops!!!Great punavathi u r dear Vishakaji.Its indeed a divine blessing to have a wonderful family studded with eminent Krishna Premi n Hariji and God's talks always resonating around Her.
Thanks to Jaya Tv's Marghazhi Mahautsavam,which broadcasted Vishakaji's rendition on Kodai Andal.This the point from when I became a fan of this personality.A true Brahmin person with all qualities embedded with beauty,education,singing stud n Katakalakshebam rendition ,an Ideal personality to be chosen as the Idol...
dear Vishakaji kindly give out more albums on many such divine talks.......


  1. There are two new releases of Smt.Vishaka Hari on moserbaer DVD/VCD. Seethakalyanam and Sundarakandam. Enjoy!

  2. Hi! which other DVD/VCDs have been released of Vishaka Hari.I have Prahalad Charitram,Tyagaaja Rmayanam, n Sundarkaandam.

  3. She is just mind blowing.....
    Hey sri u saw the latest katcheri in Jaya Tv Maargayi maha uthsavam???

  4. yes i saw subha.she had rendered the Kodai Andal story

  5. purandaradasa charithram has released recently.

  6. in vishaka hari's sanskrit songs i see god

    1. You should not comment on her looks. It shows your state of mind.

  7. I want VISAKA HARI's Thiayaga Raja Charithram DVD,..I found in Moser Baer,. but its not available,..Somebody pls help me and tell me where can I get it,...reply ASAP